Tierra Chiloé

Though stunning in design, with rustic-luxe interiors and a gorgeous spa, this hotel has sustainability running through its DNA. The eye-catching architecture was inspired by the ‘palafitos’ (stilted houses) of the island, and the geometric, low-rise structure was brilliantly designed to harness natural energy resources. On a remote archipelago that’s deeply rooted in the past, Tierra’s commitment to being low impact on the landscape and its local community is commendable. Indeed, it works in harmony with them; many of the beautiful textiles around the hotel are made by their neighbours, and the restaurant dishes up local fishermens’ catch and ‘curanto’ (a celebratory meal, cooked on hot rocks). Come here to explore dramatic Patagonian fjords and wetlands, with their wild otters, penguins and rare shorebirds. Wonderful guides will lead the way, and share the timeless traditions and myth-based culture of this breathtaking place.

Senderos Soul

Sipping one of Tierra Chiloe’s signature pisco sours (curated with local herbs and honey), I am mesmerised by the frequent flocks of birds gliding over the bay in front of us. This area boasts a huge array of shorebirds, making it a veritable twitchers paradise, even for an amateur like myself. The panoramic views offered from any corner of the open bar, restaurant and lounge takes the attention outside to nature and all that there is to be discovered, allowing your mind to wander about which experience you will be taking the next day whether it’s on the rich blue waters of the sea, or in the lush green hills which are so characteristic of this area.

Nicola, Senderos

Getting there

Tierra Chiloe is on the main island of the Chiloe archipelago, surrounded by the fjords of Northern Patagonia. The closest commercial center is Dalcahue, which is a 20-minute drive from the hotel.

by road


3 ½ hours drive from Puerto Montt airport, or 4 hours from Puerto Varas. With a short 20 minute ferry journey across to the island.

by air


Nearest airport: Mocopulli Airport, Castro. (daily flights from Santiago). Alternatively Puerto Montt (3 hour road transfer with short ferry ride) - daily flights from Santiago and from and to other Chilean destinations.