Sacred Valley and Lares Adventure by MLP

Mountain Lodges of Peru invites you to experience an authentic slice of Peruvian life! Immerse yourself in a cultural exploration of the celebrated Sacred Valley of the Incas and the less known Lares Valley, noted for its rural atmosphere, traditionally dressed local weavers and roving herds of alpacas and llamas. The journey culminates in a visit to the archaeological site of Machu Picchu. 

Comfortable mountain lodges serve as deluxe 'basecamps' for flexible daily activities. Guests visit remote passes with views of a panorama of waterfalls, snowy peaks and turquoise glacial lakes, with the occasional condor soaring above, as well as tiny Andean highland communities, unchanged for centuries, to meet local weavers and farmers and get a glimpse of the distant past.

We offer unique multi-activity adventures for all fitness levels. At the day’s end, guests relax in a comfortable lodge with wonderful amenities - it’s the best of both worlds. Expert guides accompany are on hand throughout the journey and share their knowledge of natural history, culture, and local traditions.

All itineraries include explorations of the breathtaking Inca sites of Pisac, with its remarkable stone structures, Ollantaytambo, where the rebel Inca leader Manco Inca defeated the Spanish in battle, and incomparable Machu Picchu, the crowning glory of the Incas and the archaeological wonder of all South America.

For the most comprehensive experience, we recommend the seven-day trip but if guests are short on time, the five-day journey includes the most iconic Inca sites of the Sacred Valley and the best activities in the Lares region. Weekly departures from March to December.

New for 2019/2020. Mountain Lodges have launched the following exciting new itineraries: The 10 Day Black Diamond Trek to Machu Picchu, the 8 Day Yoga and Wellness Experience to Machu Picchu, the 7 Day Multi-Sport Adventure to Machu Picchu and groundbreaking Archaeo-Astronomy Tour to Machu Picchu.  See more details below under NEWS.

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**Latest News**


Black Diamond Trek to Machu Picchu: Join Mountain Lodges of Peru on this advanced-level trekking journey that takes guests from the heart of Cusco through traditional villages and remote archeological sites to the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu. Covering 75 miles over 10 days with luxury camping and mountain lodges for accommodation, hearty travelers will enjoy a wealth of memorable sites and experiences including the magnificent Sacsayhuaman citadel at Piuray; climbing a high mountain pass to Pisaq with a traditional Pachamanca lunch as reward; an all-day hike to the remote village of Cancha Cancha; a morning hike to towering Pachacuteq Pass; a visit to the village of Choquecancha celebrated for exquisite traditional Andean textiles; traversing spectacular Inca terraces to Ollantaytambo, the oldest “living city” in South America; and the celebrated Sun Gate entrance to Machu Picchu, followed by a guided tour of the citadel itself. With elevations up to 14,895-feet, the journey will be a highpoint for any adventurer’s life list. 

Yoga and Wellness Experience to Machu Picchu: Combining exhilarating hikes, wellness workshops and focused yoga practices with meaningful cultural immersion and interaction with locals, the 8 day journey will offer expert-led programming such as ‘Ayurveda for Life’; ‘Mysore Ashtango Yoga Method: Build Your Own Practice’; a philosophy workshop on ‘The Heart of Yoga’ with discussion of the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga; ‘Sun Salutations’ amid the Mandor Nature Preserve followed by a visit to the Circle of Life; and much more. 

Multi-Sport Adventure to Machu Picchu: Hike, bike, horseback ride, and zipline your way through the Andean highlands!  Similar to our existing signature programs, the Multi-Sport Adventure is a 7-day, fully-guided luxury lodge-to-lodge journey to visit the crown jewel of the Incas, but this itinerary is unique in that it is geared toward travelers looking for a more varied sporting experience than the traditional hike.  Guests can ‘mix it up’ each day from a menu of activity options that not only appeal to dedicated adventure sports enthusiasts, but also to travelers of varied challenge-levels, which makes this trip an exciting option for families and mixed-interest groups as well, since the journey still includes the cultural exploration and meaningful cultural immersion that is one of our MLP cornerstones.

Archaeoastronomy Journey to Machu Picchu: On the 7-day Archaeoastronomy Journey to Machu Picchu, our guests will ‘travel back in time’ during the autumn or spring equinox to study ancient Andean civilizations and the primordial connection to the cosmos that shaped their collective history, belief systems, and architectural legacy.  Much has been written about the Incas’ innovative and sophisticated architectural achievements, but further research suggests that their endeavors were an extension of what began during the pre-Inca era. As our guests explore sacred sites in Cusco and beyond, they will ‘connect the dots’ and understand how they were aligned with the constellations, transforming them into living stone calendars.  This luxury journey of breathtaking vistas, exciting excursions, visits to unique archaeological sites, and lectures led by experts in the field is a one-of-a-kind experience aimed at understanding the science of archaeoastronomy as a foundation for the history, mythology, symbology, and architecture of these mysterious civilizations.


NEWS January 2019

Optional longer hikes on the Lares Trail

On the Pentultimate day of the Lares Trail guests will soon have the option of taking some longer hikes down into the Sacred Valley. Guests will set off in the morning by road from Huacahuasi to their starting point; if they have chosen the Active Itinerary this will be from the small community of Huilloc. From there, the first half of the 8 mile trek takes guests to Pumamarca via the site of Marcaqocha nestled in the fertile valley. At Pumamarca the trekkers meet with those who have opted to take the cultural activities rather than the hiking and together take a tour of the ancient site. The route then continues down through the valley, eventually ending at the impressive site of Ollantaytambo, coming in from the northern side. There will be variations of this itinerary to include a Cultural, Semi-Active and Active options - all very worthwhile to experience this lesser visited area of the Sacred Valley.