Pousada Trijunção

From Pousada Trijunção – amidst an oasis of 33,000 protected hectares – guests can explore the extraordinary biodiversity of Brazil’s great savannah, the Cerrado. Though it’s home to more than 850 species of birds, 251 mammals, and 482 reptiles and amphibians, 50% of its original area has been destroyed, and 150 species of animal are subsequently at risk of extinction, including jaguar (including black jaguar), ocelot, armadillo, anteater, and maned wolf.

The majestic maned wolves of Trijuncao starred in the Desert & Grasslands episode of the BBC’s premiere natural history programme Planet Earth Three in late 2023. Filmed over challenging three years, the crew followed female Nhorinha and her cubs. They filmed inside a maned wolf den for the first time and captured the intense threat to their Cerrado habitat from encroaching agribusiness and wild fires. 

Guests at the eco lodge are led on bike and 4x4 tours to see these amazing animals in their wild natural habitat, as well as tracking with Onçafari. There’s also the opportunity for kayaking on the River Formoso, bird watching (over 200 species) and nighttime safaris to find dwarf caiman.

Stays here both educate and inspire guests about conservation, and the whole enterprise is a sustainable operation whose profits go into their remarkable projects. It may be a 5-hour drive from Brasilia (or a short private flight), but the hardest-to-reach places are always the most magical, and with just 7 rustic-chic suites, visiting feels like an enormous privilege.

Pousada Trijunção is a member of the Ocanto Group of hotels and lodges with sister properties Pousada Literária in Paraty and Pousada Tutabel in Trancoso. 

Senderos Soul

The cacophony of bird song stuck with me long after my visit to serene, charming Pousada Trijunção. Each moment at the lodge is delivered in such a gentle and personal manner - from the initial welcome, to the local food served, and to the guiding on one of the numerous fascinating excursions. But guests here are also left to soak up the atmosphere of one of the most biodiverse - and threatened - biomes in the world... by listening to this soundtrack. The lodge is filled with many beautiful, shady spots to sit and ponder these wonders, helping to reset the mind and body. As well as a very private, high end, safari-like experience Trijunção has purpose and educates - the base from which to venture forth to explore into the world’s most biodiverse savannah, as well as an important conservation project & experimental farm. The icing on the cake is to head out at dusk with trail blazing Brazilian NGO Onçafari to track the elusive keystone species, the Maned Wolf.

Nicola, Senderos

Getting there

The hotel is in the Brazilian Cerrado, at the meeting point of 3 Brazilian states - Goiás, Bahia and Minas Gerais.

by road


A 5 hour drive from Brasilia (388km)

by air


Nearest airport: Brasilia but guests can choose to fly direct to Trijunção landing strip by light aircraft, 45 minutes from Brasilia.