Integrity, Galapagos

Integrity is a 141 foot (42.98m) US built motor yacht, which sails the Enchanted Islands on two of the most comprehensive 7 night itineraries offered by any Galapagos supplier. Not all 7 Night itineraries are the same - Integrity's cover the most important sites of the eastern and western islands with a small, hand-picked team of highly experienced, knowledgeable and passionate guides.

Galápagos is also home to the Ecuadorian-German Sievers family who own, operate and maintain the small ship, which was introduced to the Galapagos in 2005. Their uninterrupted itineraries offer guests an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the nature and wonders of the Islands.

Integrity has 3 decks, with 9 large and well-equipped stateroom cabins on the main deck that include the Owner’s cabin, perhaps the most comfortable and luxurious of any yacht in the Islands. The Sun Deck houses the jacuzzi, covered Bar and Grill with table seating and the Salon Deck features outside front-facing seating, the Bridge, Dining area, Lounge, Library and Bar.

Integrity has free wi-fi for ALL passengers, ie. not just one pass per cabin as offered by some other vessels.

Integrity is one of the few vessels in the Islands with stabilisers, ensuring smooth cruising, and its electronically controlled engines are the most fuel-efficient of any yacht in Galápagos. The boat has the Galápagos Quality Gold Seal for environmental practices and was the first yacht in the archipelago to be fitted with its own wastewater treatment system; all waste is separated into organic, recyclable, non-recyclable and hazardous material prior to disposal.

Integrity is available for FITs and charters, while during 2022 and 2023 there's also the innovative Exclusive Use option for small groups of 4 to 10 guests.

Senderos Soul

My mind was still awash with visions of albatross mating rituals, dazzling sea spray from natural blow holes, boobies both red and blue footed, the prehistoric cuddling and snorting of marine iguanas and the playful approaches of baby fur seals, when I jumped into the water. We’d moored near a circular outcrop of rocks and no one, guests or crew, wanted to miss this opportunity to snorkel a coral reef. Above water the intense biodiversity and striking physical individuality of each island had struck me with wonder - but I was about to see just how spectacular it could be underwater too. First three huge sea turtles swam past me, so close I could have reached out touch them - but it was them, not me breaking the 2 metre distance to wildlife rule! Then suddenly our guide was pointing down…...sharks, 7 of them resting on the far away sandy bottom of the ocean. Swimming swiftly on there were crabs, sea cucumbers, star fish and shoals and shoals of the most brightly coloured fish weaving in and out of the rocks and corals. It was mind blowing! To visit the Galapagos Islands is an utter privilege and like Darwin before you, you’ll find your outlook on nature has been changed forever.

Naomi, Senderos

Getting there

Integrity’s itineraries explore either the Western or Eastern Galapagos Islands on their week-long itineraries.

by boat


All itineraries begin and end in Baltra, North Seymour.

by air


Fly into Baltra Airport from Ecuador mainland - Quito or Guayaquil