Hotel Puerto Valle

Hotel Puerto Valle is a stunning, boutique hotel offering wonderful Argentine hospitality combined with a great wildlife experience, easily accessed just 55 kms from Posadas airport.

At its heart is a fully refurbished, traditional estancia of Corrientes built in 1868. There are 13 guest rooms: 5 Casco rooms - one of which is ideal for families - and 8 Deluxe rooms. A magnificent park of more than 14 hectares, designed by landscape architect Carlos Thays, is home to native and exotic species. The swimming pool overlooks the vast river, deck chairs invite guests to bask in the sun, or choose the shade of an armchair under the straw roof of the palapa.

The superb cuisine in the restaurant highlights typical local ingredients such as river fish and tropical and citrus fruits, which have been part of local recipes since time immemorial. Using contemporary techniques and fresh ingredients from the organic garden, the menu offers a choice of aromas and flavours perfectly matched with a select wine menu, with some of the best labels from Argentina.

Iberá Natural Reserve is one of the largest fresh water reservoirs on the continent, and the largest protected area in Argentina. It has an area of 1.3 million hectares, and hosts four species declared “Natural Heritage of Corrientes Province”: the neotropical otter, the maned wolf, the Pampas deer and the marshland deer. It is also home to the two caiman species of Argentina - the yacare caiman and the broad-snouted caiman – and more than 350 bird species!

Puerto Valle is nestled in the northeastern corner of the reserve, a convenient gateway to discover its wonders with its own private access to the Wetlands. Proximity to the Iguazú Falls (355 kms to IGR airport) makes a visit to the falls with Jesuit Missions (such as San Ignacio, the most famous) en route, an ideal combination.

The Hotel stands on the Paraná River bank, and on the verge of the wetlands, so activities are related to the River - an ecosystem that provides the ideal setting for watching birds and howler monkeys - the Estancia and the Wetlands.



**Latest News**

Feb 2019 - New Wildlife Excursion to Cambyreta Portal

The entrance to Cambyreta Portal is located 45km away from Hotel Puerto Valle on national route 12, the adventure begins by a journey in our 4x4 vehicles on rural roads and crossing several private gates to reach the National Park.  

The tour inside the National Park is taken on foot along routes and trails different trails or, depending on water levels, you’ll continue along the paths in the vehicles. During the activities we will have a morning breakfast picnic or an afternoon snack picnic along the way, in a beautiful setting very close to wildlife setting, but still at a safe distance.

Cambyretá is the northern area of the Iberá National Park, where you can find 22,000 hectares of unique natural environments such as marshlands, grasslands, meadows and humid forests.

This tour, designed for nature lovers, offers a photographic safari, ideal for appreciating the majestic beauty and biodiversity of the Ibera wetlands and capturing images of the native flora and fauna. Capybaras, deer, caiman, foxes, monkeys are easily spotted, and among the great diversity of birds in the area the Red Guacamayo a near extinct species that is being reintroduced, is the holy grail for amateur and keen birdwatchers alike.