Hosteria El Peñon

Situated at 3,400 metres above sea level Hosteria El Peñon is a refuge of comfort in the vaste, stark, unbelievably beautiful Argentine High Altitude Desert known as the Puna. The hosteria is the perfect base for 4 x 4 explorations to wonders like Laguna Grande, where thousands of flamingos meet in spectacular remote surroundings; as well as towering dunes, the vaste Natural Reserve Pumice Stone Field (Campo de Piedra Pomez), the Oasis of Antofalla and one of the most important Salt Flats of South America. Also strategically located for expeditions to the Galán and Peinado Volcanoes.

Each day spent traversing across the Puna you are presented with whole new landscapes and worlds – towering bright white sand dunes, huge pink and orange mountains, dark black conical volcanoes and glistening salt flats as far as the eye can see. You rarely see other vehicles on these routes and only come across other people in the small communities you stop at. This isolation and wilderness, while bringing an immense sense of calm and joy also makes returning to the warmth and friendliness of Hostería El Peñón that bit more special. After long days traveling it is a welcome return to the ’real world’ especially when you immerge washed and refreshed from the day and greeted with a delicious three course meal and a good bottle of Argentinean wine to aid a restful nights’ sleep.

Nicola, Senderos

Getting there

Situated 500 kms from Salta, 450 kms from San Miguel de Tucumán

by road


5-6 hours driving from Cafayate

by air


Most arrive to Salta, which is well served with flights from Buenos Aires and Cordoba. Tucuman airport also receives flights from Buenos Aires and is around 8 hours by car.