Casa dos Arandis

Immersed in nature and a 2½ hour drive north of Ilhéus, Casa dos Arandis is a gem of a beachfront hotel with just 7 lovely rooms on the Maraú Peninsula in Bahia. Beautiful on the inside as well as the outside - every detail here has been conceived with great care and attention by the resident owners and guests are looked after wonderfully by them and their hospitable local staff. Delicious regional dishes are made with organic ingredients, incredible fresh fruit juices served with a smile. Moving through the beautiful lush gardens you emerge onto a seemingly endless, deserted surf beach where you can walk for miles undisturbed, bask in the tropical sun, swim in natural low tide coral pools or watch artisanal fisherman at work. If that's not enough, on the doorstep shimmers the Bay of Camamu, Brazil’s third largest: a natural paradise with 400 sq miles of beaches, mangrove, islands, waterfalls and reefs to explore with boatman Eliseu.

Casa dos Arandis - Made with Love. A place whose sounds, tastes and memories truly linger - que saudade. Bahian sea breeze rustling through palm leaves, and waves pounding a deserted beach; a thousand stars in the dark dark night sky; walking for miles on tropical beaches without a soul to see - except a local fisherman squinting into the sun to spot shoals of fish on the horizon; our kids excitedly snorkelling in clear natural corral pools - that appear magically at low tide - full of brightly coloured fish; and their breakfast smiles so wide with the daily treat of freshly made tropical fruit juices, coconut milk and homemade cake. Hard to leave, easy to return… this place…truly made with love. Cacau and Nanana, have with great care and attention, gently crafted something special.

Simon, Senderos

Getting there

by road


2½ hours from Ilhéus (includes 25kms of unpaved road).

by boat


From Ilhéus to Camamu by car (1:45 hrs) or from Salvador (4½ hrs). Fast boat from Camamu (40 mins) to Porto do Jobel, 20 mins drive from Casa dos Arandis. 

by air


Direct flights from some cities in Brazil to Ilhéus. Seasonal weekly flights to Barra Grande, 25 kms  north of Casa dos Arandis.